Transform Your ELISA Performance

From Current (96-well) Pates To Optimiser™ Technology Platform
Sensitivity Picogram Level 10 to 1000 fold sensitivity increase
Sample 50- 100 μl sample volume reduced to only 2 μl sample volume
Reagents 50-100 μl of each reagent reduced to only 5ul for most reagents
Time From Eight hour assay to 13 minute sandwich ELISAs!
Dynamic range 2-log at best to 3-Logs with NO change in reagents
Convenience Cumbersome Wash Steps replaced by simple flush step

Siloam’s ELISA Transfer Service is Simple and allows you to realize the benefits of Optimiser™ technology with no effort. For a modest fee, Siloam will develop an Optimiser™ based protocol for the assay of your choice. Deliverables include:

  • Validated dynamic range and LOD.
  • Customized protocol with optimized assay parameters and reagent concentrations.
  • Validated reagents from transfer process and Optimiser™ plate supplies.

Contact Siloam to transfer your assay.